I'll Click is about making your daily computer work more productive, easy and healthy. Mainly, it's about reducing the stress your knuckles, wrists, arms, eyes, ears and mind are experiencing while you're using the mouse and the keyboard. In a nutshell, that's how it works:

when you move your cursor to another point, and you leave it there for about 1/5 of a second, I'll Click sends a click to the computer.

It's as simple as that. But there are some interesting side effects: mainly, you'll be eliminating unnecessary wrist and arms movements. That's bacause you'll get used to not moving your mouse unless you know where you're going. you'll also notice lesser strain in your fingers and wrists, and the clicking noise is gone.

Other features extend or control the operation of I'll Click. You can set it to:
* right click (instead of regular left click) if you leave the cursor on a web link;
* double-click on folder icons to open a folder;
* specify region limits, and I'll Click won't click outside that region;
* set the delay time for auto-click;
* disable and enable auto-click and auto-right-click by "knocking" on the screen left or right edges;
and more.

This is what the I'll Click module does. Other modules perform other tasks, such as hiding the cursor after idle time, using hot spots on the screen to perform predefined tasks, enabling easier drag&drop, etc.

Since there are quite a few modules - and more are on their way - it was decided to join them into full-featured programs.
So two comprehensive versions of I'll Click are currently under development, the first is coming soon !

Still, the individual modules will remain available for use - see modules for more details. You can also download the modules and read the ReadMe.txt files.