I'll Click full-featured programs (under development)

Since not all modules can work properly together, I couldn't write a single full-featured program that includes all modules. However, I was able to narrow it down to two programs only, which are quite similar:

I'll Click

On top of the I'll Click module, it contains Long Click, Hot Spots and Hide Idle.
Since all those modules are functional, this version of I'll Click will be available soon, I hope no later than mid-september.

I'll Click Rocks!

On top of the I'll Click module, it contains Hot Spots, Hide Idle and Drag'n'Rock.
To throw Drag'n'Rock in - which is currently under development as an individual module - some major code changes are required. That's why the development of this version will take longer. However, I'm currently using a limited version of I'll Click, and I can't wait to use some rocking myself !